USAA is a shadow of what it used to be. Its now a ripoff.


It’s sad to say that after nearly 22 years I cancelled all of my insurances with USAA and switched to Farmers. For the past several years, USAA has consistently increased premiums on my homeowners, umbrella, auto, and rental property policies with no claim since 2011.  I have known I needed to get new quotes from other companies for at least the last 5 years. I finally got new quotes and switched to Farmers on November 14, 2018. By switching and maintaining the same/similar coverages and deductibles on all my policies I am saving $1452 yearly premiums.  


USAA is not the same company it used to be. It is definitely not competitive with its insurance rates. It over charges, and then holds the massive over charges in Subscribers Savings Accounts. In 6 months, I should receive my SSA payout for approximately $4500.


I do plan on keeping my checking and savings account with USAA....but nothing else!


Hi @NewQuotes, thank you for taking the time to share your experience regarding your insurance policies. Your longtime membership is very important to us and I am going to forward this to a specialist for further review. Thank you! -Marisa

New Quotes -


I have been a member of USAA for 29 years.  Starting a few years ago almost every time I called USAA I had to either jump through all kinds of hoops or was just flat out told I could not be helped.


I have

car insurance 2 cars

car loan

home insurance


savings account


I am going to follow your lead and certainly check out Farmers.


My last 3 problems


1.  Called in about life insurance.  Have a small policy through AARP.  Wanted to see what USAA could do.  Told the agent wanted to keep it small.  Answer all kinds of health questions and then told the min policy was $100,000.  If the agent had listen to me at all he would have known that this was something I did not want to do.


2.  Called in about Supplemental Insurance for Medicare.  Find out the only way to pay is if money is always taken directly out of your bank account or for an extra charge I can pay every 4 months.  I now pay monthly and send in my payment.  This is the way I want to do business.


3.  Called in today.  Wanted information on they type of roof I have for home insurance - new roof 2015 - and why the new roof discount has been dropping $50 dollars a yr.  Roof is good for 50 years and company that installed good for 15.  No one could tell me what kind of roof I had or why discount was dropping.  Would not email any information.  Was on hold for over 20 mins just to be told that "we" do not do that.  Would have been much better if Sarah knew more about the roofing aspect of home owners insurance and then if her supervisor Denise Clark knew something and atleast would have offered to check into my situation and email the results.  The universal pat answer - they must practice this in the mirror every morning - "we"  do not do that.


4.  I am finding it difficult to just send in a complaint to a specific department.  So far the USA Community (I have taken away 1 of their A's) is the only options I have found to log a complaint. 



So how did you cancel? I have been on hold for over an hour trying to cancel my medicare supplement.  What service. or What service?

@Bubs11, I will have your inquiry forwarded to a specialist for review. ~ Samantha 

I have been on hold for almost 45 minutes ti cancel my Medicare Supplemental Insurance.  This is sub par service.  We do have lives to live, but USAA apparently wants to make it difficult to cancel this insurance for everyone. 

How do I cancel the Medicare Supplemental Ins policy?  I changed insurnce carriers for 2019 and USAA will not allow me to speak to someone that will cancel my supplemental. I called the 800 # - after more than 5 minutes on hold someone answered but said she could not cancel. She had to forward me to someone else.  I was on hold for another 5 minutes.  A different lady picked up but said she could not do it either and needed to transfer me to someone else.  Then I was on hold for over 45 minutes and no one picked up.  I finally had other things to do other than listen to the on-hold music so I hung up.

How can I get this policy canceled?

Lies and more lies!!  NO ONE from USAA contacted me!  This company has lost all integrity. 

I do regret to hear of this experience @NewQuotes. I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with the appropriate area. We appreciate your patience while they review. -Emily

Agree.  Take your business elsewhere.  USAA has grown way too big and has completely lost its vision and I believe its core values.  Just look at the posts.  If there was a way, I would highely recommend replacing the entire leadership of this company.  Cut back on all of the extraneous things USAA offers and focus solely on the insurance.  Only then, do I believe does USAA stand a chance of regaining the reputation and respect they once enjoyed.  Won't happen untill the leadership is changed.