USAA doesn't care about current members anymore

Been a member ever since I was 16 & started paying my own car insurance bill (2nd gerenation USAA member) 


We bought a foreclosed home in August 2014 that needed extensive renovation (at least  $160,000).  We called USAA to insure but found out that we needed a type of policy that USAA does not provide called a builder's risk. I was okay with that.


Then I called back as the house is about one month away from being complete. We will refiance our building loan into a mortgage loan. Thought I would start work on getting a quote from USAA regarding homeowner's insurance. Their quote is $1,000+ more in premium than the other 2 companies we have aslo contacted for a quote.


Being a loyal USAA member for the past 15+years I contacted USAA to see if we could have an agent come out to inspect the property to really ascertain the true dwelling replacement cost since their quote was so much higher. Shocking, they would rather lose my business and possibly all my insurance coverages then have an agent come out to adjust the quote.


I was told "an inspection will be done after closing to determine the cost to reconstruct, not before closing." Meaning I have to accept their quote first. Then I was further told "Because of the age of the house, USAA does not have a good method to determine the cost to reconstruct prior to the policy, the current tool is used in the interim.  If after the inspection it is determined that the cost to reconstruct is less, the amount of coverage would be reduced retroactively."


Can someone explain to me why USAA tells us customers to be fiscally responsible and then wants me to accept a homeowner's  insurance policy that is over $1,000 more than the other quotes,we have gotten? All I wanted was someone to come out and inspect the property. I wanted  to let USAA have a fighting chance at my business and they refused because they " have procedures in place that best allows USAA to stay financially strong." 


Yeah a 15 minute walkthrough from one of agents regarding an over inflated quote would ruin the company. I am not saying USAA should inspect every property but when a member calls and asks because they have gotten a considerably lower quote from multiple places you would think they would want to at least attempt to keep my business. 


Totally stinks USAA. Totally stinks!



This sounds completely frustrating. I am sorry for your experience. We want to make sure that we have one of our contacts review your situation to see if there's something USAA can do. If you don't mind providing a few additional details, by clicking here,  we can have one of our team members review your account.

Consider yourself lucky because I have USAA homeowners insurance and recenlty had to call them about a water leak in my home. At first I was happy, they were friendly, explained everything in detail and then the nightmare. We followed everything they said to a "T" even calling once the plumber showed up to have him explain the extent of the problem. However, not once did anyone pick up a phone when we called. Everything was by email on the USAA site which was nice because it actually showed how we were miss informed by the agent. The agent told us one thing and even repeated it in the emails and then after all the repairs were made, we got I'm sorry but I was wrong and you will have to pay for the repairs.


You are told one thing and then when you have made all the repairs the story changed and we got "we're sorry". We even have the email traffic that shows where we were miss counseled. Don't tell me "We're sorry" and not fit the issue.


The best part of the story is, I was told I would receive a phone call from someone in management and guess what, NO CALL.. I guess the message wasn't passed on, I'm waiting for another "we're sorry".


Can't wait to move all my USAA accounts... When the customer no longer matters, its time to move on..

Same story here except my quote was TWICE as high as other companies.  They want me to sign up for a policy based on the purchase price when the land value in my area is at least a third to half of the purchase price.  Yes, they will fix it retroactively but this will significantly impact my closing costs.  USAA is very likely going to lose my addition to many of my family members.  What is the most frustrating is that it is so out of character for the company that has always been so customer friendly in the past.