USAA doesn't actually service your mortgage

Just some information -- when you do a mortgage through USAA, they immediately give it to someone else.  I'm told my first payment is due to a company called Dovenmeuhle.  When you look them up on the web they rate out at 2 and a half stars on Yelp and are constantly criticized for poor technology and lack of customer convenience.  So if it's possible, it looks like the mortgage experience with USAA, which is horrible, gets worse. 


I know that it's common for companies to sell their mortgages.  But I find it interesting that nobody mentioned it during the entire process, nor was it on the website.  I'm not sure why USAA would partner with a trash company.




Interesting. We r looking at using ussa for a mortgage soon. I'll bring this up with a rep.

I'd recommend going somewhere else for your mortgage. I'm just finishing mine with USAA and it's not been a good experience.  This is coming from someone who would recommend USAA for pretty much everything.  The mortgage department simply doesn't match up to the rest of the company. 

I couldn't be happier with USAA mortage. I just closed last week and all parties (USAA, Realtor, Builder and myself) stayed informed on every bit of the process. If I had a question it was answered and explained thoroughly if I didn't understand something. Great rate and zero due at closing. All this done from out of state. I went down and found the house because the realtor drove me around for three days.
Where do you find your mortgage on USAA once you close? I've closed, but I can't find it anywhere in my accounts.