USAA demands firearms sales records and all tax returns

Forcing me to reveal firearms transactions and ...
So the "Advocate", XXXXXXX XXX, has stated that they either have access to all my tax returns( which she hasn't provided an authority for) and the personal and banking information of people that have purchased some items from my firearms collection.

Now the latest retaliation to come after my complaints to the CEOs office occurred late yesterday and involve the right to bear arms and privacy of individuals who buy anything from you, firearms included.

After making me submit bank records of all investment accounts and banks, they now claim they can make me reveal all the personal information and banking information of people I have sold part of my gun collection to.
After going through my bank checks and deposits that are shown on my statements they have demanded the individual deposit documents be produced and provided that list. XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX demanded this immediately or my loan would be turned down.

When I replied in writing to the alleged Advocate, who has been in my opinion less than truthful on a number of occasions, XXXXXXX XXX that these are purchases of engraved firearms I have sold, she responded that I either provide the information or that the loan would be turned down.



Use Quicken. They were awesome. USAA said I had to wait two years after my short sale before theh could do anything. I called Quicke. "for the heck of it" a mortgage or loan officer called me back and said they could do it. I didn't believe him but the following week I had an approval letter. After finding a home we moved through the process very quickly. Even my realtor was impressed. A loan shouldn't be a hassle.

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