Is there anyone who has used USAA for their mortgage lender, and has been happy?  All I read is negative posts.  Ive had exceptional service with USAA, but this is the first time I am considering using them as a Mortgage lender.  I do not want to make a huge mistake.  But, I also know that people who are unhappy, complain the loudest.  On one hand, I cant beleive that everyone who has used USAA is unhappy.  On the other, without hearing from anyone who is happy, I dont think I can continue on with USAA as a mortgage lender. 


I refinanced two homes with them in 2011. I would never use anyone else.
We financed our home in 2009. USAA doesn't actually finance homes anymore--they have a partnership through US Bank who actually is the lender. There is a special customer service phone number for USAA members though. Our mortgage processor was great! The key is to be and stay informed. I read "Mortagages for Dummies" before buying my home. I knew so much about the process that the realtor at my closing offered me a job with her company. Ask questions and be vocal! Good luck.

We financed our home with USAA in 2007 - couldn't be more pleased!

Are there any positive comments from 2014 or 2015?

I just bought my home august 2014.... outstanding service from this department of USAA.
I suppose I should be more specific:
The processor was ALWAYS professional, very concerned with my needs and desires, EXTREMELY responsive and timely, knowledgeable (and if he didn't have an immediate answer he always got back to me worth one when he said he would), helped me tremendously in understanding the process (very patient), maintained great direct contact with my agent and all parties involved, made sure I closed on time when it looked very much like I wouldn't be able to.... he always communicated with me from step one till the end and helped keep me on task. I sent him a thank you card but if I could I'd go and give him a hug. If memory serves me right his name is Hristo but he goes by Chris.