I was under the impression that buying your first home was going to be the best experience you could have UNTIL I trusted the company USAA that I have been loyal to for over the past 18 years. The very incompetent loan officers gave me the run around for over 2 months. I wouldn't wish USAA Mortage Company on my worst ememy! If your in the market to buy a new home Stay Away from USAA or you may be almost homeless like I was. I switched to a new lender and they closed the deal in less than 2 weeks.


May I inquire what the actual reasons were for USAA not being able to help you? I'm curious as I may be using USAA. I have never had an issue with them before in the past , in fact they've actually even helped me out in many situations where I was incredibly poor and couldn't even pay my bill for 4 months. They didn't cancel my service and they didn't report me either. USAA has always worked with me through the good and the bad so I'm curious what the actual issues were that kept you from the home you aquired.

Bought two homes with them (2005 & 2010) and while I never experienced problems, the real estate agents both told me that if I wanted to buy another home in the areas (CO and IN), they would pay me to NOT use USAA. Personally if I was doing it again I would go through Quicken loans as I looked to refi with them and they were awesome and responsive. However, we have a quick payoff plan in place that put too much cost on a refi with any company, so we left the loan alone.

When we bought our first house in 1996, USAA mortgages were being managed and owned by PHH Mortgage.  PHH Mortgage was TERRIBLE!! 


When we built our next house in 2001, USAA had begun owning and managing the mortgages again.  USAA was GREAT!!


Recently, I've noticed that USAA has sold its mortgages to PHH Mortgage again!  So far, we haven't had a problem, but we've kept the same loan since we refinanced in 2003, and USAA was managing the loans at that time. 


We are thinking of selling and buying again.  I really hated working with PHH Mortgage!  I'm not so sure I would work with them again.  We may just explore our other mortgage options if we get serious about buying and selling.



Just sent off a letter to the USAA CEO about PHH. They periodically grossly underestimate our escrow requirements, and send us fat difficency bill with less that 30 days to pay. I USAA can't sort things out for good this time, we will start closing USAA accounts , versus transferring accounts to USAA for upcoming retirement. USAA is fine, but if they don't get a handle on PHH, we wil fire them...

Terry in the swamps,


Thank you for posting in the Community. We realize this matter is of great importance to you. This is not the type of service we expect for our members. We have escalated your feedback for review and response. We look forward to speaking with you further to address your concerns.