Anyone else dammed tired of seeing the money wasting ubicquitous ads we are running?


Hi @olds. Thank you for reaching out. We appreciate you taking the time to submit your feedback regarding the ads we're running, and I'm happy to submit this to the appropriate teams. Thank you. ~Holland

I also agree that USAA ads are a watste of money.. money that could be used to lower rates etc.. The management of USAA has lost its way.

I would agree with you. The ads are meh, USAA would be much wiser to reinvest into the membership in the form of higher deposit rates, better loan and insurance rates, etc....they seem more pre-occupied with attaining more members overall instead of giving those that have been loyal to them better perks, kind of like a cable company. Just my opinion........

I rarely go to a movie theater anymore. Seems that Hollywood can't come up with an original storyline to save their soul.


But, the one movie that I did attend this year had a USAA ad playing before the movie.  I don't have an MBA from Harvard, but it seems to me that money could be better spent elswhere. Wonder how much the USAA ad budget is?

Hello @n8tureboyUSAA's mission is to serve the financial needs of our members — the men and women in the military community and their families. Our marketing efforts are meant to reach and inform all 60 million members and prospective members about what USAA is and all that it has to offer. But USAA research shows that just under one half of eligible veterans are even aware of USAA. -Colleen

I think that the excessive adds are to convince those of us who were blindsided by the sale of mutial funds and investment accounts that USAA is still USAA.  It isn't.   At first I thought that "isn't it interesting that USAA is making itself more visible".  Now I understand.  

Hi Colleen, so you have 60 million members and doing what is necessary to make them feel good enough to share with other members isn't enough and again 60 MILLION MEMBERS aren't enough for USAA? That is disconcerting because either your products aren't good enough for people to park a lot of money here and that is why you are searching for more members OR you're costs are out of control to the point that you seek more members to cost share. 


The fact that you state you make billions in profit and the fact that I read about employee perks that are being thrown around from local San Antonio reporters makes me ponder why I'm with a bank that looks out for itself significantly more than it does the membership. Insurance is a perfect example, you're rates are $600 more than Geico and I receive same coverage and lower deductibles for that coverage and roadside, which I didn't have with you. Your contemporaries in the online banking space pay out significantly more in interest rates on deposits and loan rates are lower as well. 


I am reasonable, I expect a bank to make profit and to look to do that, because it makes you viable into the future, but to the extent you do it and your empty promises of new and better products are starting to ring hollow. At the end it doesn't matter what one member thinks, USAA has shown that, but maybe coming through for once on the statement of better benefits and perks for the membership because I haven't seen one thing since that promise by Stuart Parker in the year end summary a few years ago. 

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback!

I tell everyone I know about USAA and how great it is, but it’s making me start to wonder what is going on behind the scenes that is making them want/need to advertise so much. I am in 100% agreement that the advertising budget would be much better spent on increasing the interest rate on savings products.

Giving people something to talk to their friends and family about is the surest way to gain more business, and getting people excited by increasing rates will do that. It also has the knock on benefit of incentivizing members to save more.