USAA Reps Lauren P and Michael M: ROCKSTARS!

It would be absolutely remise of me not to write about my experience going through the home loan process with USAA. I am an extremely picky person about customer service and demand good solid service especially when part of my pay check is paying a company for their service. With that said...the home loan process at USAA went like this...


...Both Lauren Pxxxx and Michael Mxxxxxxx were our loan officers who made the often arduous loan process seemingly stress free and exciting. The way it should be when purchasing a new home. These two model employees should be recognized simply for the aforementioned reasons. Truly professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable on every detail associated with our loan process. If I had a team of loan officers, these two would be my two ROCKSTARS!


Lauren and Michael reached out by phone several times and answered my calls every time. Both were very personable, professional yet felt like speaking with a best friend who would tell you what you did not want to hear. What I mean by this is, most best friends tell you what you want to hear to make you feel good. Real best friends are frank, direct, and tell you the truth whether it hurts or not. You get the point. They were on point all of the time!


I have had some really bad conversations and experiences with USAA representatives in the past (banking and insurance sides of the house) so someone in this loan department is doing something right. Whether training or simply solid leadership, it's working. My point here is that this kind of customer service experience provided by these two model employees needs to be the same in every USAA department. This is an opportunity for USAA leadership to seek out why these two individuals are receiving such a high review and use them as trainers or model their style of customer service to all USAA employees. It can and will make a difference. Again, I would highly recommend the CEO's office look into how and why these two high achievers are providing exemplary performances and use these two as role models for other USAA employees to emulate. I would recommend that these types of employees provide training on how to be the best at customer service and most importantly, KNOW THEIR JOBS inside and out for the benefit of the customer. 


It's not a secret, employees like money and time off. And you know, sometimes the USAA CEO needs to stand up out of that office chair and go meet some of these exemplary employees and provide that face-to-face salary increase and extra vacation days with a hand shake. It is something Lauren and Michael really deserve. I sure hope someone does something for these two because both Lauren Pxxxxx and Michael Mxxxxxxx deserve it.


Lauren, Michael, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting us through this loan process. We closed on Sep 21st and love our home. You help make this happen. Well done. Rob and Angie

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