USAA No Longer Supports Overseas Members PCSing with home buying

I am extremely surprised and angered with USAA today, and feel like I may take my business elsewhere.  As an active duty member stationed overseas I cannot get a pre-approval on a home loan due to not having a domicile in the US.  They will not allow me to use a family members address like my mothers, that I use for almost everything else.  They do not ship there forms overseas or to APO boxes, or any PO box for that matter.  I cannot even send it to my next base.  I am less than 60 days out of my PCS and want to put an offer on a house today, but cannot because USAA bought some 3rd party mortgage company and cannot make changes to the rules after 8 months now.  The agent I spoke with on the phone said these changes went into affect in November 2014!!! With so many service members overseas this is an outrage!  I was told that even when I am in billeting that that address may not work either for approval!!!  How am I supposed to get an address to get pre-approval if I cannot buy a home!!!!   This is a nightmare, like I already didn't have a million other things to worry about.  USAA wont even try to take my hard earned money..... Its extremely disappointing.




Thank you for posting in the community. I have sent over your comments to a mortgage specialist to see what we are able to do for you. Once we have an update, we will post here in the community.