and still no one contacts me and i still cannot get any help. Attached is a copy of the letter you sent. Sent on 14 April, and yes i tried calling the number on the letter to no avail.


i am now taking the advice of some of the users on this thread and looking to refinance my loan with another company. When you send me a letter saying you are going to charge 1300 dollars to my escrow account but refuse to speak to me about it, I do not know what else to do. I tried for a month now to get anyone to speak to me about it, and failed on every front. I honestly wonder if anyone at USAA will ever acknowledge or speak to me about this at this point.


Hello? USAA? You there? Anyone?

Why will no one contact me still? How many times have you said its been escalated in this thread for no one to contact me and nothing to happen? How do I talk to someone about this?

What is going on? Why is it impossible to talk to you about a letter you sent me?
I see they played the "expert" game with you as well. I'm sure they get some kind of perverse entertainment from it. The last round ( #5 so far) was particularly special - Andrea contacted me a month ago, then complete silence until Barbara called to say Andrea "was in training' ( "for almost 4 weeks?". "yes") and would look into the case, which was followed up a week later, yesterday, by Carmen calling to say Barbara had been promoted but asked Carmen to pass along the message that they've decided they're keeping the $4100 USAA still owes me from my homeowner claim opened more than 6 months ago.

They need to stop falsely advertising as an insurance company and let people know what they really are - a low budget clown school.
and after a month of failing to reach anyone and not being able to discuss it, they sent me the forced insurance policy for the past. This is beyond outrageous and totally unacceptable.

I would remove USAA from my life as fast as possible.  What you have been through is inexcusable.

Yes I am working on refinancing now because of this issue. Originally, if they fixed it, I would have stayed. But now, they are losing me either way.

And the plot thickens by the way. The letter says they are worried about improvements and betterments insurance coverage. When I spoke with them on the phone finally today, they could not identify or explain what improvements or betterments I did that they are trying to insure. So they want to insure unknown changes they think I made for a made up amount?

Also, when I look at the insurance they purchased, it is for wind, hail, and hurricane not improvements/betterments. I get wind and hurricane insurance through my home owners association. So what they are saying in the letter and on the phone doesn't even match the insurance they purchased on my behalf.

I don't know what to do or how to resolve it. I can't get anyone to have a real conversation or even try to help me.