This is nothing more than a VEILED smack down for complaining on social media when all else failed for this Insured. I'm shopping for new insurance as I type

Yikes, @Jann1952! I'm sorry to read you feel that way. Please, bear with me as I engage the appropriate area for further review on this. ~ Steven

And I still cannot get a hold of anyone or anyone to call me back about this. Why usaa why.....

@ Claims nightmare,

I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration you're experiencing with your claim.  I see that your claim has been escalated to a subject matter expert.  I will forward your additional post to them for review. Thanks-Mike

I have a solution for you - look USAA up on the BBB website and file a complaint there - they MUST respond to the BBB.  Be sure to include that USAA uses a 3rd party vendor Nationstar who has been unresponsive and you just don't understand why there is all this back and forth.  Also ask BBB to ask USAA if it is ok to backdate insurance policies and if so, what is USAA's responsibility to you during that backdated time period - in other words, if you filed a claim would USAA HAVE to pay out on it when though it was "backdated". 



And I still cannot get anyone on the phone to help me. Why is this so hard? How many different teams do I have to be transferred in between? How do you not know what department is trying to collect money from me? Why can I not get anyone on the phone? How many weeks will this go on for? Why do you keep saying it is being escalated but no one contacts me? What do I have to do in order to talk to someone?
Hello? Usaa? Anyone there's till? Still can't get anyone or any help. We are talking about a letter you sent me in mid April and I still cannot get a hold of anyone about. Why is this so hard?

@ Claims nightmare,

I see that your claim has been escalated to a subject matter expert.  I will forward your additional post to them for review.  Thanks -Mike

This is the third time in this thread I have been told it has been elevated. I was contacted at the first time (by someone who directed me to another department and dumped me back into the automated phone nightmare system. And now, I get no one to help me the next two times my cries for help are elevated. When will anyone at usaa help me? What does elevated actually mean or do? Do you just say that in all the threads so it looks like usaa cares and is helping people?
I still can't get anyone to help or talk to me about a letter Usaa sent a month ago. What am I supposed to do?