I get a letter saying I need insurance coverage for my Condo which USAA owns the mortgage for. My condo association fully insures the building cost to rebuilt the unit as it was new if something happens to the building. So basically, USAA wants me to have insurance over my personal belongings. I let it lapse after USAA denied my claim by saying an asbestos popcorn ceiling collapsing due to old age is not coverage (even though i lost all of my personal belongings, etc). So anyway, after I paid 35,000+ to remove the asbestos, fix the ceiling, replace all of my belongings and rent an interim place to stay; I did not see a reason to renew my policy as the only time I needed it, USAA found a way to not cover it.

But I digress. So USAA wants me to have coverage. So I say fine and get it through GEICO for ~200 dollars for the year. Now i get a letter saying they want to charge me for insuance in the PAST? They want me to pay 1200+ dollars to insure a year in the past.

1) I cannot get anyone on the phone. literally endless menu's. They sent me a number to call but you end up in an endless loop of menus and cannot get someone. I tried USAA's generic number, but again no one will answer and you just get bopped between automated phone service. How do you get a real person on the phone?

2) How can you wait a year+ to tell me you want me to have a specific type of insurance and then want to charge me for the past?

3) How can the rate you give cost more than 6 times what it costs for the level of insurance that you want?


Hello @claims Nightmare, we are sorry to hear about this experience. The loan servicer, Nationstar would be able to review the account with you. They can be reached at 855-430-8489. We have also sent a request to our internal servicing team to review. 

Unfortunately you are paying for the mistake of using USAA for your mortgage.  USAA is just not the company it once was.

yup i still cannot get a hold of anyone and still getting bounced around.


insurance division? they say talk to the bank. Bank? they say talk to the mortgage company. Mortgage company? they say talk to insurance. I have been calling and on the phone for a week now with USAA and cannot get an answer with anyone. I had hope for a minute when a "speical advisor" called to assist me and gave me a real number to call her back. I called her back and she said to talk the lender...... so I am back to square zero. This is ridiculous. How can you send me a letter saying I owe money, but no one can explain why I owe the money or whom is even trying to collect the money?

And just go and google forced-place insurnace backdating and multiple lawsuits come up where it was determined illegal by federal judges to backdate for long periods of time. And yet you are trying to backdate forced-place insurance on me for a year? You provided no insurance and you know nothing happened, so now you want me to pay for insuring the past? It is mind boggling.

@claims nightmare, I have reviewed your account, and it appears your concerns about your claim were escalated to our subject matter expert team after prior posts you've made to social media. I apologize if we did not fully answer all your questions. I would be happy to request a subject matter expert follow up with you again to ensure all of your concerns are resolved. -LeKisha

If you read my post you replied to, I said I talked to someone on the subject matter expert team. But all she did was say it wasnt insurances problem and that I would be referred to another department. I have heard nothing since then. I have now spent 2+ weeks trying to get an explanation as to why they are trying to put a forced policy on me. Literally, no one can help. Not the bank. Not the loan section. Not the insurance section. Who do I talk to? How do I reach a real person (not an automated phone system) to talk about this? Why can no one help me?

I'm so sorry for the experience you've had all around. I can definitely understand the frustration. I want to confirm I've escalated your messages to the best team to review further on your behalf. Our team will reach out to discuss more info together as quickly as possible. -Lori G

The saddest part is why do I have to come to a forum and complain and beg for help? Why is there no number i can call to talk to someone? I miss when USAA used to have a real person answer your call and help direct you to the right location.
Still waiting for someone to contact me a second time. Still cant get anyone to help me with this. Why is this so hard? You send me a letter saying I owe money but no one can tell me who sent it or who to talk to about it. What kind of business is operated like this?

You need to refinance the mortgage to get it away from USAA.  There is no way I would ever use USAA for a mortgage.