AF Retired DV

Let me preface this message with saying I am not without fault in this current situation. Where should I start? In May of 2018, I started the process for an individual to assume my mortgage which seemed a little too easy. The mortgage department contacted the buyer asking for some required documents. I was told Nationstar would not be contacting me until closing. Six months later, I was informed my assumption request was cancelled due to lack of documentation from the buyer. I asked Nationstar to contact the buyer in order to get what the needed to set the process in motion again.  Everything appeared to going well until the faxed/scanned documents were misplaced some 3 or 4 times over several months. Finally, we get to the closing date and I logged in to USAA/Nationstar so I could cancel my auto payments for that mortgage only to find out I no longer had access to Nationstars website. I tried to call the same day but it was too late as the CSR's had left for the day. It didn't occur to me to try again until the mortgage payment was deducted from my account. I called Nationstar customer service to have the payment refunded but was told since I am no longer an authorized user on the account, I cannot request a refund. I then informed I should contact the buyer to have him request the refund. He contacted Nationstar only to find out they had his name on the loan but no banking information as it was still our account where the payment was made. He straightened that out and tried to have the payment sent back to us. Nationstar's response was "You are not an authorized user on that checking account, sir."

      I even tried to dispute the charge through USAA banking department the first time and was assured it was handled. When I called to check status nearly two weeks later, the CSR I spoke with before didn't even log the transaction. It was actually input into the system today but can take 10 business days to resolve meaning I will be getting closer to another payment being deducted on a house I no longer own.  This is my 3rd mortgage with USAA and I must say I am extremely dismayed. The two previous mortgage servicing companies were excellent. Nationstar is the worst one out of the three.

     I understand USAA selling mortgages to free up capital for other members but those members shouldn't have to suffer with less the horrible customer service and buck passing, "There's nothing we can do, sir." "You'll have to schedule a conference call with Nationstar and the buyer to get that issue resolved."

I am not sure what happened to USAA in the past three years but I can assure you if they don't improve, I will have to start looking for a new financial institution.