Just closed on my new home.  Closing was delayed by about two weeks, and had to delay a few hours today due to problems with closing documents.  For the most part, USAA did a decent job with the mortgage application process.  I had very good customer service and my processor kept in touch with me often.  Some of the issues with delaying closure were due to new regulations that went into effect, causing a learning curve with everyone.  Most of the issues I had were with the final steps in the process, getting from loan approved to closure.  It took a while to get closing disclosure documents, and when the final closing documents were sent to the settlement company, they were incomplete.  USAA was able to fix the problem so I could close by the end of the day.  In my opinion, USAA does not have enough people in their mortgage process, especially the closing department.  There are probably some training issues also.  While my process is done, it did cause significant frustration.  It has also left an impression with the seller's agent, my agent, and the settlement company.


Dear DD1391Warrior,

Congratulations on closing on your new home! We truly appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and will make sure your comments are reviewed by our mortgage department.


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