Recently I entrusted USAA with my mortgage loan. This is the worst decision I have made in decades. If any of my fellow USAA members are considering a home loan with USAA, DON'T! The loan originators are not USAA people, they are American Express. By my experience, the people handling my loan are incompetent or worse completely uninterested in the outcome of my loan application. I will not mention names, but rest assured that these people will ignore any attempts you or your buyers agent to clarify the status of your loan. On a scale of 1 to 10 American Express loan processors rate a -2. Once a decision has been reached on my mortgage loan, I will be closing all of my USAA accounts and will refinance my new home, find new auto insurance and cut my USAA credit cards into pieces. As a 100% disabled veteran, I expected USAA's usual customer service, alas this was not the case. It seems that the once caring bank has decided that I am just a number and "cash cow", not a person. It:s sad indeed that the once exemplary customer service of USAA has degenerated into a rude and unsatisfactory quagmire of disinterest!




I am sorry to hear of your recent experience. I have passed along your comment to our mortgage team for review, and they will be reaching out in order to assist. Thank you.

I doubt that anything will change. My loan processor and his immediate supervisor have gone to great lengths to avoid and evade communication with me and my buyers agent. I am appalled at the total disregard for my repeated attempts at communication with them. I have contacted Navy Federal Credit Union and they said they look forward to serving all my financial needs. Shame on. USAA for abiding such abhorrent treatment of their members. If apologizes are not forthcoming to all offended members, I see USAA losing members to other banks that actually care about their customers.