I am so glad I read all these comments, before looking in to applying for a mortgage with USAA.  I bought my firts house with them back in 2006, they appraised wrong, house lost value in 2007, USAA sold my mortgage.. a big mess. I had little experience on buying a home and USAA did not make it a pleasant process either.  I have so many other services with USAA, but after reading all the comments regarding mortgages I will look elsewhere. 


Right now probably isn't the best time to obtain a mortgage with USAA.  They are moving to a new platform and there appears to be a huge learning curve.   They need to work that out before I would be comfortable with them again.


I purchased a home in 2007.  They did not appraise your house incorrectly (actually an appraiser, not USAA, does the appraisal), the housing bubble burst and home prices took a dive.  That is what caused yours and my home value to decrease.  We were just unlucky!


USAA has not sold my loan (in fact they stated they wouldn't when I received my loan), the do use another company to service the loan though.  It still shows up on my accounts page.


It was not my first experience buying home, but I will say at the time it was the best and easiest.  I refinanced to a lower rate in 2012 and that process went exceptionally smooth.

Dear Ivanbabyv,

I am very sorry that the posts in the community have made you reconsider using USAA for your mortgage services. I would like to get a mortgage specialist in contact with you so that they can personally address and questions and concerns you may have. You should be hearing form us soon. Thank you for commenting.