I was pleased with my USAA mortgage experience.  I read mixed reviews and was relieved to learn that the complaints are from a small minority of users.  Our processor was named Corazon (which means heart in Spanish); she lived up to her name and really worked miracles on our behalf.  Our loan was tricky but she held our hand every step of the way and always kept us updated on a daily basis.  We actually started the process and closed in under a month.  


My suggestion for those who are considering using USAA for their mortgage is to get to know your local personal banker (the one you use for you day-to-day checking account transactions).  They will be part of your life during the mortgage process as well since a lot of records and money transactions are documented with them as well as USAA.  Your local banker will have a working knowledge of the loan process and will be able to email your processor with questions and assist you as well.


Anyway, good job USAA.  Most posts are a result of person who are discouraged with the arduous and labor intense loan process nationally.  It is important that both sides/experiences are shared.




Still wish USAA's rates were more competitive. Through multiple property purchases over the years, local brokers have always bettered USAA's offered rates. Why is that?
USAA what are your rates now?

When was this loan?

December  1 - December 30,  just a month ago.