My wife and I are in the process of buying a home.  As a 25 year member of USAA we didn't think twice about getting a VA mortgage through USAA.  Well, you're batting 1.000!  This is the second mortgage we've had through USAA and the second one where the closing was botched and delayed.  I don't recall ever having so many problems with a mortgage company as we've had with USAA.  Nor do I recall ever not closing as scheduled.  I've always been an advocate of USAA but I will NEVER recommend anyone use USAA Mortgage.  Customer service is non-existent as is common sense.  Rather than using common sense people hide behind the fear of being audited and getting in trouble.  "We have to treat everyone the same."  Well, not every case is the same - so use your brains and documentation to cover your audits.  It's not that difficult.


I had a horrible experience. Thry denied my loan for reasons i couldn't tell you but just one call to NFCU, my home is financed and i couldn't be happier. Tgry are great eith banking but nit eith mortgage services.

Dear Ronjohn,


Thank you for your 25 years of membership with us. It is disheartening to hear of your current situation, I can surely understand your frustration. I have sent your comment over to a mortgage team member for review, they will be reaching out to you in order to resolve this matter. Thank you, have a great holiday.