Epic fail by USAA.!!  I read alot of bad reviews about the mortgage process provided by USAA and I told my self that everyone has different experiences and i should just try it.

I used the movers advantage program and it worked out alright.  My realtor was nice but my wife and I actually found the house and i wish the realtor was a little more aggressive with negotiations.  Not much communication from the people in that program.  I got a phone call asking how it was going and told them ok i guess.  Still wondering what that program helps with except giving you a check when you close. 


I have been a member for over 15 years and my father over 50 years.  My whole family uses usaa and never had any issues until now. 


The communication is lacking heavily from mortgage processor and or anyone in the mortgage dept.  Phone calls, emails, voice mails to managers(Jeff) and still no call back.  my closing was set for Sept 30th and no one told me that wasnt going to  happen until 5pm Sept 29th.  I found that out through the title company.  Typically i shouldve had a settlement sheet and final numbers and still dont have that info.  I have had more communication from the title/closing company(ULS) than USAA.  Just received phone call from title company stating that we are on track for closing tomorrow, but still no word from USAA.  i just want an apology and someone to compensate me for this epic fail.  movers deposit non-refundable.  two days of lost wages for me and my wife for having to rearrange schedules to accomodate USAA instead of them accomodating us.  1 more day of rent having to be paid.  and the frustration of having everything planned out and now it all changes.  its one thing to change plans.  its another to change them the eod before you close.  or even to say "hey, this might not happen tomorrow".  extremely frustrated, especially when it had nothing to do with our timeliness.  USAA even admitted fault, atleast the lady on the phone said it was their fault, but not one phone call from any supervisor or mgt expressing how sorry they are.  I work in customer service dept for a billion dollar company and never would i let this happen to any customer and if it did, they would get an apology from someone in mgt and be compensated for their frustration. 


Final note, its one thing to make mistakes, we all do it, its how you rectify the situation.  Well, hoping to close tomorrow. 



Went through USAA in 2012 and we were able to close earlier and it was a wonderful experience. Ad to hear that things have changed. Currently finding dissatisfaction with USAA IT on the Quicken connect. Not happy at all!

Same experience with these processor guys.  There is no communication despite repeated requests and they treat the documentation process as a fanciful scavenger hunt where details will be provided only when time is getting short.  Submit a bank statement early? No problem.  Two days out? Then they need it stamped/signed/notarized/colored with crayons, but only after you've submitted it three times.  There is a "roadmap" on the website but it isn't updated so you have no idea what has been accepted and what is pending.. the processors seem to be low-wage clock-punchers who treat your home purchase as an inconvenience.  Don't expect any insight into the "internal processes" as your loan sits in limbo.  


I would like to apologize for the lack of communication from the processing department. I have passed along your feedback for more frequent and clear communication about the documentation needs and statuses. Someone should be in contact with you shortly to ensure everything is in order for you and if we can assist you in any way. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.

Thanks for reaching out.  I look forward to speaking with them,  as the processors seem completely apathetic at 9 days to close.

Ms. Hartzell,


When can I expect them to contact me?  The processor doesn't even answer his phone anymore.



SCF MC, Just checking in to make sure someone has reached out to you.

I did get a call.  We look to be on track but it came down to the wire and I still don't get new information as it comes in unless I specifically request it.   This is the crux of the issue with the processing department:  Unless you know to ask for it, you're not getting it.  We could've shaved weeks off the process if the information flow was more forthcoming.


Thanks for the follow up.

I'm having similar problems! I really can't understand why USAA is in the mortgage business when all they do is make it a horrific experience for the buyer throughout the entire process. My closing is supposed to go tomorrow and now USAA insists on adding my non-purchasing spouse to the title although everyone I'm dealing with here (title agency, real estate agent) says that is not the standard case. Ugh. AVOID USAA and save yourself heartache, anxiety, stress and frustration.

matt s.,


You are right, you definitely deserve an apology. I am so sorry that you have not been receiving the service you need and deserve from the mortgage department. I have escalated your situation and someone should be contacting you shortly to make sure everything is in line for your closure. Please continue to keep us updated on your progress and let us know if you need anything else.