My experience with Tiffany XXXXX and Juan XXXXXXX at USAA Mortgage Services was life scarring. I was treated with mordant contempt by both of them and was left no recourse.

I was happy to submit an online application for a USAA mortgage, knowing I have excellent credit and have been a USAA member for many years.  I was contacted by phone by an affable gentleman who kept me on the phone, on my wedding anniversary for almost two hours, asking deep and personal questions, after which he congratulated me on my approved mortgage.

As a busy Emergency Department RN, you can imagine that I have very little time to conduct non-work activities whilst on duty. I was soon dismayed when I started to receive multiple voicemails from Ms. Tiffany XXXXX with an escalting tone, pitch and squeak as she demanded that I contact her IMMEDIATELY as it was IMPERATIVE that I provide the same answers to the same question I had provided during the application process.

Ms. Tiffany XXXXXwas rude, dismissive, scurrilous and mordant toward me regarding my pre-approved mortgage application. Ms. Tiffany Green has an over infalted interpretation of what urgency is. She is a second rate, mediocre mortgage processor who deals with paper. I deal with saving lives and was shocked when Ms. Tiffany XXXXX had the audacity to insist I remain speaking to her whilst she beratedme for my lack of understanding regarding the mortgage process while sick patients required my help. I was forced to put the phone down to save someones life and when I returned to the phone Ms. Tiffany green had not even paused in her vile castigation.

I contacted Ms. Tiffany XXXXX's superior - Juan XXXXXXX. I was given lip service, promised follow up and than abandoned to feel reprimanded for a sin I did not commit. I was denied my mortgage on a Thursday - AFTER I was already under contract despite being preapproved. Then I received a FedEx package on Friday evening with mortgage approval paperwork with additional imperative disclosures advising me that action was needed IMMEDIATELY!!! I called, and was unaable to contat anyone because it was the weekend. On MondayI was told that it was all a mistake - the approval paperwork should never have been mailed to me through overnight delivery.

The emotional roller coaster I was put through by Tiffany XXXXX and Juan XXXXXXXat USAA Mortgage Services was unacceptable. The fact that at no time have I been able to contact anyone to express my dissatisfaction makes it more poignant.

Do yourself a favor - learn from my emotional suffering, wasted time and efforts and the trees that were butchered to send me reams of mortgage documents that served no purpose. Get a mortgage through Navy Federal. I did.



I would like to start by apologizing for the service you received. I can understand your frustration with the conflicting communication from the mortgage application team. We would like the opportunity to review your situation to see if there is any way to accommodate your needs and rectify this situation; a specialist will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I couldn't agree more. We just went through something similar on a refinance and it was horrible.


We sent a detailed letter to the director of Mortgage Service Mr. Scott Loftin and he did get back to us, you may want to do the same.


I do not intend to use USAA the next time we need to refinance or purchase a home, they were appalling. Our mortgage processor was a nightmare to deal with.


Feel free to contact me and I will send you a copy of the letter we sent Mr. Loftin for reference.



Worst mortgage experience ever!


LIES. Followed by "Oh we will fix it..."




Tiffany XXXXXXX was also our Loan Officer. In the beginning, she was overly nice. All documents that were requested for obtaining our mortgage loan, my husband uploaded them on USAA website. Then we were informed by Tiffany green that are mortgage loan was undergoing the first review. Last week I received a call from Tiffany XXXXXX. She stated that she had a few more questions for us concerning employment. She started off by asking if I was planning on making the 5 Hour drive from where we moving to in Hickory North Carolina to where I was employed currently in Newbern North Carolina every day once we move. I could tell by the way she was talking to me that she was aggravated. And then proceeded to tell her that no I was not planning on driving five hours and that my husband and I both already have job offers where we will be moving. She asked if we had accepted the job offers and I said no not yet but we could if that's what they were wanting. My husband and I both already knew that we were going to take these jobs but we did not see the need to do so super fast because the job offers were for starting in July. ( But job offers are for more than what were we are making now) She then stated that she could not see an allotment that my husband makes every month from his account to my account at Wells Fargo for our savings. She stated that the statement we provided from Wells Fargo for the month of May did not show the allotment. So I quickly pulled up my Wells Fargo account and told her that the allotment is made at the beginning of each month. I could see the allotment for the month of May in my account the last day of April. The allotment is set a transfer from USAA to Wells Fargo at the beginning of each month. I could see the allotment for the month of May in my account the last day of April. Then the next allotment was showing on June 1. I told her that I could get her those statements ASAP. She then asked for our tax statements. I told her that we had signed a waiver for the Loan processor, Anthony XXXXXX, to attain our tax statements through the IRS. She said that she did not see them uploaded. I told her we could also get those uploaded ASAP. Now just to leave you a little history about my husband and I. My husband will be retiring out of the Marine Corps in August of this year. I am a registered cardiac sonographer and have been since 2005. We both have good credit. Now by the time I drove the hour home from work all of our mortgage loan process had already been erased from our USAA account. We weren't even given an hour to upload the documents requested by us before they had already done away with us. And we have been in the process with them concerning our mortgage loan for a couple weeks now and now everything was gone. During this process my husband was the optimistic one. I got online and read hundreds of reviews and 99% of them were negative reviews concerning USAA's mortgage loans. After what we experience with USAA, neither my husband nor I would recommend our worst enemy trying to finance a mortgage loan through them. And the customer service we experienced with Tiffany was absolutely horrible. We're not sure who to blame with this experience we've had with USAA. We're not sure if it's the underwriter or if it was Tiffany or if it was a combination of both people. All I can say is people please understand that hundreds of negative reviews are not going to be wrong.

Dear Tosha1, 


Thanks for sharing your story. I am sorry to hear of the trouble you experienced with your mortgage. We will review this further. Thanks again. 



As of today, May 17,2017 10:54am we have not received any feedback as to why this happened to our pending mortgage loan.



I know this has been a frustrating experience for you. This is not at all the type of experience we want for our members going through the processing of their mortgage loan. According to our records, your post was shared with a colleague who will review your experience and reach out to address your concerns. They will be in contact with you today to discuss your mortgage loan with you. We look forward to addressing these concerns with you. -Gus