My husband who is a diabled airforce veteran and I tried to get a mortgage through USAA. Let me tell you, it would have been easier to give them my first born child.
The process is so grueling and tedious! First off, the preapprove you for way more than you can afford, getting your hopes up. Then when you finally find a house, they make you provide so much ridiculous info and make you feel like everything is going great only to tell you they can't finance a mortgage with you due to xyz... This process took 45 days for them to then deny my husband and I. Really? We were ready to move because "all was going good" only to be told sorry. Geez... all of the money wasted. Long story short. Do not ever try to get a mortgage through USAA. They put you through alot of unessessary stress and heartache. 2 months later we got a different broker and 45 days after that we moved into our new home.




We regret to hear of your mortgage experience. We understand the process to close a mortgage loan can be stressful. USAA takes steps to try to ease the process as best we can. We regret that we were unable to close your mortgage loan. Your comments will be shared with our Member Feedback Teams for review.

I had a somewhat similar situation happen to me. We ended up doing private financing...