Is anyone else experiencing a negative association with USAA financing from other realtors?  Put in an offer on a home and received resistance from the seller about USAA.  Specifically not being able to contact anyone, not having anyone assigned to the process etc etc.


Honestly, I don't really blame them.  Was quoted by USAA on Friday for closing at 35 days.  Now all of the sudden they want to close at 45 days.  May lose this home now!  Has anyone else experienced this?



Yes, this was back in 2005. I had received a positive feedback that my mortgage is approved and we can proceed to close the deal. However, the day before the deal was to be closed, USAA notified me they cannot give me the mortgage/money. On the denial documents or explanation given, I saw a language that states " he has a very thick accent". So I guess I was denied the loan not because of my credit worthiness but by my national background or origin which, as far as I know is not one of the financial indicators for assessing someone for a loan. My agent had to do a last minute arrangement to get me a conventional loan with a higher interest rate. I took it because I did not want to lose the house. And in my usual stupidity, I still insured the house with USAA, the agent was shocked that I will still give USAA a business with all that they did to me.

Hi Raskkasans 187,

Thank you for your comment. A mortgage specialist will be reaching out to you to discuss your concerns in person. Tthank you again for taking the time to post here and good luck on your closure!

I bought a house 3 years ago.  When I mentioned USAA, my agent stated they had longer times to process applications and could be difficult to work with.  Based on that, I went with a local bank and closed sooner and was happier.


I am in the process of buying another house and I am using USAA.  I was pleasantly suprised when they said they could process the loan in 35 days.  However, communication seems to be lacking.


If you have bought houses before and know what you are doing USAA might be a good choice.  If you are a first time buyer, you might be better to use a local bank or credit union.


USAA seems to have good communication/customer service during the pre-approval process.  However, once you have a signed contract, be prepared to submit the same documents (bank statements, etc) multiple times and and in multiple formats.  Just because you uploaded documents to the USAA website, does not mean you will not be contacted by email by someone seeking the same information.  I think I submitted the termite inspection 3 times.  USAA's mortgage department seems to suffer from "the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing".


Best of luck.