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This is long, but addresses several bad reviews.




USAA has always given superior customer service on my auto rental policies, including assisting me with a total loss during Hurricane Harvey.  Using that experience as my baseline, I selected USAA for my mortgage and home owner’s policies.  From the beginning, USAA greatly exceeded my expectations (being set high from previous encounters). 


Starting with the original loan officer, Thomas xxxx, walking me through the painless application, to the immediate response and follow-up from USAA, I truly could not have been happier.  The “several” emails and phone calls from various people, all ensuring I understood the process and what would be happening next, and also the follow-up afterwards,  making sure I was happy, was truly unbelievable.  Using the USAA Realtor Service was simple and I was contacted immediately from a local real estate agency.  I was not happy with the realtor at all, however, that is a separate review and his interaction was very limited.  The USAA process more than compensated for that.


Alecia Kemp contacted me and reiterated the process and what will be happening within the next few days.  After each milestone, her or another USAA member contacted me to verify I understood what was happening and to see if I needed anything else.  That was a nice touch.


The online submission form for mortgages was excellent.  It told me what I needed to send and allowed me to upload directly.  Flawless.  It kept me organized and ensured I wouldn’t have any surprises.


The loan/mortgage processor, Claudia xxxx did an excellent job.  Her and I emailed and spoke on the phone countless times, with her being personable and always responding quickly.  Although my questions were probably already answered in some correspondence, she never the less took the time to explain and never seemed put out by it.  She was wonderful.  Very personable and had it not been for her, I would have probably shopped or compared rates more aggressively.  She is a great reflection on USAA and another reason that confirms my choice was correct to trust USAA with my personal needs.  Claudia made the typically stressful transaction painless and very smooth.  Her personality conveyed genuine care and concern as to me understanding and ensuring my goals were met in a timely manner.  There aren’t enough superlatives to describe her professionalism and personal touch.  I’m not sure what the “ROI” will be on my loan, but USAA needs to thank her for it.


The underwriting process was a breeze, especially with the upload site.  Great use of technology, very systematic yet, easy to use.  As for closing, a misspelling was noticed and within 30 minutes, all new and corrected documents were received and processed.  After all the signing, USAA funded the purchase in what I really think was less than 15 minutes.


Immediately after close, Claudia emailed me again to say congratulations and ensure I was happy.  Although I received a “congrats” email from the title company, it was a generic template email.  Claudia’s email was personal and further displayed the difference between USAA and all others.


A couple days after closing, Tracy xxxx called to once again, ensure I knew what to expect regarding the next few interactions from USAA.  She spoke specifically about the referral money I am to receive from USAA, verifying my address as well as my email for the survey.  Her and I spoke at length, about my experience and she – as everyone else at USAA – went above and beyond to provide me the information I sought.  Again, Tracy made sure I was happy with my experience, knew what was coming next, and asked if I understood.  Tracy did all this follow-up while being personable and adding the "real" person touch, not just a generic template email.   That and that alone, makes choosing USAA always the right decision.


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MJ Texas, Thank you for taking the time to provide a review of your mortgage experience on Member Community.  ~Jeanni

@MJ Texas, I have made sure your review of the employees has reached them and their management teams. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. -Cynthia