Pre-approved for USAA Mortgage for 580k. After contract ratified (Wash DC home), USAA will not proceed w/application until paperwork is physically signed (PCSing to DC on 23JUN, currently underway until my transfer date of 23JUN, therefore unable to sign paperwork). Realtor referred to by USAA is FANTASTIC. After USAA informed me they were unable to meet my closing date due to backlogs in the mortgage department, and they would be unable to start an appraisal until after the paperwork was signed physically by me in DC....I was extremely dissatisfied. This process is neither military friendly nor consumer friendly in general for a quick market like DC - seller has 2 other offers that are able to meet closing before USAA can, meaning I will lose the home despite the fact that I can put more cash down than the other offers, which are also VA loans. Was referred by my realtor to another bank - Pentagon Federal - completed the entire application online (which USAA will not do) and emailed my contract in (which USAA would not accept - only fax). Long story short: recommend USAA for any other product other than mortgage. USAA, I was very concerned when you expanded your membership that you would sacrafice quality for quantity, and it looks like you are doing just this. I am sorry to say that I am seeing the beginning of USAA's decline due to expansion of membership for people who otherwise didn't qualify. I would have loved to finance through USAA, but if I did, I would lose my home. 


Dear m103984,

I would like to apologize that we could not meet your needs during your home buying process. I have shared your feedback and escalated your comments to our mortgage department. We truly would appreciate the opportunity to get further feedback from you so that we may make the necessary improvements in the future. Thank you!