I follow USAA's mortgage interest rates for VA loans and VA Re-Fi's.  I might want to do a Re-Fi if the rates are good enough to warrant it.  I notice with extreme disappointment that USAA has posted rates for VA loans that are WAY, WAY higher than the going rates of other companies.  Why in the world would USAA do this?  Are you telling me that if a USAA member who had not followed rates went to USAA for a VA loan, they would pay 4.75% when the going rates are closer to 3.00%?  That is criminal and a severe disservice to USAA's members.  If USAA is raising the rates to a ridiculous level, then why not just shut down home loans until USAA can bring the rates back to what they should be.  I am extremely disappointed in USAA's tactics that to me make no sense whatsoever.  Who is the mental genius doing this disservice to all USAA members??