Any members who want to file a complaint against USAA can do so through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau using the following link.


USAA is either unwilling or unable to respond to any complaints made by members through these messages. See for example this discussion


Hi Customer6,

It was my understanding that a member service representative (Misty, as you mentioned in the thread you linked to above) had been in contact. I have re sent your comment and concern and a specialist will be in contact. Thank you.

Yes, I was contacted. She then ignored repeated voicemails and messegaes I sent her. That was what the post I linked to was about.

Also, because this seems to be the only way to get in contact with anyone from USAA, tell the person handling my complaint with the CFPB that I want a copy of anything regarding my complaint that USAA sends back to the CFPB. I will need to verify the accuracy of the information because the representative I spoke with about the matter was being extremely evasive and I don't trust him to give an accurtate account of what happened. 

Thank you Customer6. I will make sure this information gets passed along.



     I have not received anything from USAA regarding my complaint with the CFPB. Has USAA not yet responded to the CFPB about my complaint or is this another example of USAA ignoring its members?

Hi Customer6,


We have forwarded your feedback to the appropriate subject matter at the bank. We appreciate your patience as your concerns are being researched. Your point of contact will be reaching out to discuss the matter further. Thank you.

I was contacted by a representative of USAA today who told me that USAA cannot send me their response to my complaint with the CFPB because of regulations set forth by the CFPB. However, the CFPB posts consumer complaints (with the consent of the consumer) on their website. Furthermore, the CFPB includes the response from the bank in its response to the customer. Why won’t USAA provide me with its response to the CFPB? What is so secret?


   The person who contacted me also seemed to imply that USAA didn’t like the fact that I gave my opinions on this forum. The representative was borderline rude to me about the fact that I said USAA had ignored my complaint. I requested information through this forum, on 25 Nov regarding the response to my complaint with the CFPB.


   I received no reply to that request until 3 Dec. That was only after I posted another reply on this forum on 2 Dec about not receiving any response from USAA. I find this odd considering the representative who contacted me explained that USAA responds to members within 24 hours with the exception of weekends and holidays.

Misty contacted me, but she then ignored multiple emails and voice-mails. The only way I received a substantive response was by filing a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

I would like to file an official complaint about how my complaint was handled. Misty responded, but then ignored me. I want a written response explaining why I was ignored and how USAA will prevent a similar response in the future. Is it normal for customer service representatives to ignore customers?