Has anyone had a good experience with USAA mortgage? I am a first time buyer and have been preapproved by USAA. I will be using my VA loan and wonder if I should just use VA United. I was trying to find a good comment about using the USAA mortgage service and finally gave up and thought I would just ask.


I have never used a USAA mortgage and USAA will always gets its pound of flesh and then some. If anything ever happens where you need help USAA will most certainly turn a deaf ear. They simply do not care about their customers. The only care about your wallet. I'd go elsewhere based on my experience with USAA customer service in various and myriad issues. In the last five years, USAA has become a McDonalds of banking and has so much assets that you are just another number to be processes and discarded. Plz- go elsewhere!

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Congratulations on your approval! Have you checked out the reviews here? I find reading reviews very helpful myself, I tend to always do this before making any big purchases. :-)


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 1-800-531-USAA (8722). Thank you, and best of luck!

are you kidding I stopped reading the reviews because I could not find a good one so I decided to just ask. by posting to see if someone could give me a positive review of USAA mortgage.  So far one negative reply and yours.

Wow... Is am surprised to see the above post. I have been with USAA for years and although I have not used the mortgage services as of yet, I have had several auto loans with them. One of my husband and I's most used comments whenever we have to call USAA is "I love the costumer service!" In all my years I have hung up and called back to speak with a different person only one time, and that was mainly due to their seeming lack of knowledge. They are always cheerful and never rush through any of our needs or problems. They spend time to make sure they have done everything to help. Of all the various ethnic companies I have had to deal with over the years I have after wished that others would learn proper costumer service from USAA!



Thank you for sharing with us, it makes me so happy to hear that you are receiving excellent service!


I know the negative posts can seem daunting, but I have always seen negative be posted more than positive. Not sure why that is, I guess people are just more inclined to share when something has gone wrong. We do appreciate all our members feedback, even if it is negative. We grow from those experiences and in the process, serve members with the best service possible. :-)

The lawyer handling my mortgage closing with USAA had nothing but compliments for USAA and the way they conducted our mortgage process from start to finish.


She said USAA was the best mortgage CO she'd ever dealt with and I thought the process went smoothly and quickly. In summary the USAA mortage process was a good one for us.

Thank you for that superb compliment, n8tureboy!

We just closed on our home using a VA loan 2 weeks ago! We were nervous after reading reviews as well. The process went very smooth and we were kept updated throughout. We closed on time and were quickly funded. There was one kink with the closing costs (which were being paid by the seller), but they quickly fixed it. I was extremely surprised at how fast the whole thing went. We are very happy!