USAA Member for 10+ years, but not eligible for Mortgage

Being a member for 10+ years, hold my family joint account, credit card, direct deposit but not allowed for Mortgage loan. For which I need to be part of military community. I do appriciate USAA servers for military community, but what about the member who are being with them for 10+ years and planning to buy First Home. Why not USAA support the first time home buyers who got good credits and also got good account balance with them.




Hi RaJ,


I passed along your comment to our mortgage team for review. Thank you for reaching out.

For sure I need to say, USAA stay with its motto - "For the members". Agree I was disappointed when I was refused with the Mortgage loan for my first time home buying. Yesterday I got a call from USAA, stating I was getting this call in regards to the post in the community page. It was a surprise for me, and the member representative mentioned about the USAA policy and the promotions on the Products they offer. He also mentioned on reviewing my long time membership with USAA and the new promotions on the product they offer I will be now eligible for Mortgage loan with USAA. How good news was that? I know I can shop around to get mortgage loan from other lenders or credit union. But as I have all my banking and financial products with USAA for all these year I preferred to have my mortgage loan also with them, this is only based on the service provided by USAA. And once again I would like to thank USAA for the member service they provide for all their members.


Go USAA Go!!!