Initially I posted a horrible expirience I had with USAA Home Mortgage.  I was a 1st time home buyer and had applied for a mortgage loan and was prequalified. I spent a month looking for a home and found a deal of a life time. As the process was moving along and I signed a purchase agreement I checked with USAA to make sure I was doing what I was suppose to be doing such as scheduling septic/home inspections. I was informed not to schedule the inspections so I called and cancelled them. As the process went along and I actually talked with the loan officer, I was told I could schedule those inspections (confusing). I scheduled the inspections and double checked the day before the inspections if everything was on track. USAA said everything looked good and so I had the inspections done which I paid out of pocket for ($759). The day after the inspections were complete I was informed my loan was denied. What a nightmare. Reason was for credit score so I was told but I had not done anything such as apply for a credit card, buy a new car, etc., So being confused as was my realtor, movers advantage, and other members from a different bank...I escalated it to USAA's senior banking advisors. I was then informed there was some short commings on USAA's loan process and some assetts that were listed in my pre-qualification did not transfer over to the loan underwriting process. I lost the house and the dreams of owning my own home due to a faulty process. I will give Misty xxxxxx (USAA Senior Advisor) kuddos though. She worked with me on this issue and atleast made things somewhat right by working to get me a refund on the money I came out of pocket for inspections. In the end I still lost the home I dreamed of owning and busted my butt to get my credit score up and pay off all outstanding debt. USAA has a lot of room to grow in this department but at least they considered the voice of its long term member. I appreciate Misty's dilligence on working with me to make it somewhat right. For that I am greatful!


Thanks for sharing your story. I hope mine also has a good ending. I'm giving USAA a second chance after a bad mortgage experience with them a while ago. I also was pre-qualified and ordered inspections at my own expense. I underwent a horrible experience with one of the loan originators who interrogated me as if I was a suspect in a crime. Maybe he was an ex-detective, I don 't know. But he certainly did not know how to treat a customer who has been with the company almost 30 years. USAA either needs to change it's culture and get back to being member-oriented, weed out the "bad apples," or they will fail as so many other financial institutions have done.

Irish tornado,


I can't tell you how great it is to read your comment. I appreciate you sharing that altough things were bumpy, this ended in a positive way. Thank you for sharing this in community with us and our members!