Friday, August 1st,
I opened up a line of credit with USAA
To finance a year long apartment lease.
The customer service rep told Me I could raise the credit card limit from
$3000 to the required $4000
For the lease, upon recieving
The card in the mail.
I got the card in the mail,
Call them to raise the limit,
Now they tell Me I can not
Raise the limit to where I need it.
Now I don't know what I'll do.
After the same response from
numerous customer Service rep transfers,


I finally just said "I'll figure it out,
Thanks for Nothing" and I hung up.
I know the feeling

Cpl Doerr,

If you could please email us at [Removed Link] with your contact information and member number, we would like to have a specialist review your situation and get you the service that you need. Thank you.