For a few years i have been a USAA member. I bank with them, and have auto, renters, and valuable personal property insurance too. Until I needed my renters policy tonight after my home caught fire and I lost everything. I called because I had no where to go and my home is unlivable. After calling i speak with a gentleman who asks the nature of my call, i tell him my home caught fire im filing a renters claim, he says sorry sir i do not see an active policy on your account. How can this be, I have been paying for it for the past few years Ive not received and letters in the mail stating otherwise and I renew my policies in August so everything Ive been paying for until then should still be the same especially if the monthly payments are the same. Ive been a very happy USAA customer until now, Ive had nothing bad to say about them at all. In fact I encouraged my friends annd family members to join to have the same experiences. Sad to say that this company has just kicked me while im down by cancelling my policy after years of having it. They did however leave my valuable personal property insurance which i was told to get after getting renters to cover my more valuable items and for a discount on my auto policy. I will no longer be supporting this company and I will encourage others to do the same if they cannot get my matter taken care of. I will post updates as they come.


Exactly how many houses are you renting?  I see that you have created two separate forum posts about this...


I am so sorry to hear about your home, but am glad that no one was hurt. I have escalated this over a specialist in our claims department and someone should be reaching out to you shortly.

I have one house I wasn't sure if the topic was going to put this thread in that specific coverage area and if this would fall under it.

Hi DBB1234,

We read all posts in every topic, so no matter where you post we will make sure it gets to the right place. :) Thanks again for posting!

What was the reason given on the cancellation notice (which you should be able to find in my documents online)?

Quit sniveling and sobbing. If you think you have a policy, go talk to an attorney and get meaner than a stepped-on snake. If your are successful, USAA can be made to pay your attorney fees, and even interest on credit cards you had to use instead of the money you were rightfully owed by USAA. But be this known -- your policy was not cancelled until you were informed that it was cancelled, unless you were hiding from such informatiion. USAA can say it was cancelled the minute before your home caught fire, but that is not true. It was cancelled the minute you were rightfully informed it was cancelled. Also speak to your State Insurance Commission, maybe do them first. Oh, review and spellcheck.

Good Luck, I hope it was a simple error. Oh, before anyone jumps to correct grammar, they may want to start with proper sentence structure.