When I received a letter telling me my insurance costs were increasing 20%, I called USAA.

I was told that because there’s “so much building going on around my house” that’s the reason.

To everyone reading this post:


My family switched to another company with way more coverage and a fraction of USAA’s unbelievably high premiums.

This company is run by morons.

Never use this company for anything especially insurance


Not sure what has happened to USAA but there definately has been a change these past few years and not for the better.  As if they are becoming like all the others after generations of standing apart

@retired123 I read your post and  to see your concerns with USAA. I want to make sure I address any troubles that you are having with us. Is there anything that you can share about what has you feeling this way or anything I can look at for you here?- Meredith

The trouble they are having is USAA's non-competitive high insurance prices and severely degraded customer service.  Fix these 2 issues and I may consider coming back.  I left USAA after 40 years for a SUBSTANTIAL savings and way better customer service.