Can I have my USAA insurance paid through my escrow account like my old insurance company did?  Do I need to get withy the Mortgage company to set this up or through USAA?


Dear Systech51,

I have reached out to a specialist here to get an answer, and will post when I hear! Thank you for posting.


UPDATE: an insurance specialist will be in touch with you personally to help set this up! Thank you!

Is USAA covering my home owner's insurance with my escrow payment?  Am i paying twice for my insurance on my home through my escrow payment and insurance policy on my home? 

Hello and thank you for your inquiry. To confirm if your USAA insurance premium is being covered with your escrow payment, please contact your mortgage servicing company. They will be the best ones to let you know exactly what your mortgage payment and any escrow payments are being applied to. Thank you! - Darrell