USAA Homeowners Insurance (Ductless Mini Split-System Air-Conditioner).

Thank you again for your timely response, Lori G. In terms of the documents, two have been finally posted on 30 July 2020. The 2018-2019 (Full Policy) 56-pages and 2020 (Short version) 12-pages on the Condo Insurance(s), and so thank you for that. However, I wanted to point out that although I like to think USAA posts all documents timely and correctly, USAA categories, subcategories, and dates from 2018 thru 2020 (til July 2020 so far) are a bit off that it prematurely expires or late to post. 


On another note:


3) In general, an air condition unit is considered part of your personal property. You can view sections in your contract that outline property covered as well as any exclusions.

*My Response: I know central air conditioners are excluded. With that said, what other 'air condition units' are excluded?


There was no response to this general and fair question for all of us to see on this post (reference to condominium insurance). By the way, I gave you a like on the previous response, Lori G. Thank you further in this matter.   

@W.D.R. any A/C unit not owned by the homeowner would fall into the excluded area of the contract. - Ralph 

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Mahalo, Ralph! You know I spent two weeks talking on the phone with USAA representatives and even a claim adjustor before coming here. Whoever these USAA representatives are, they like to dance around the question(s). It is not USAA's modus operandi or MO. Once again, Ralph, thank you for taking the time to answer the question.

@W.D.R. it was my pleasure and please feel free to reach out anytime =) - Ralph 

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I saw that article on a couple of other sites too. USAA has been getting in trouble for the last few years and they continue to release the same statements - - "they vow to protect active military, veterans and their families."
Google "USAA and Electronic Fund Transfers Act" and see what else they did to many of their members. It's unfortunate, because many of us have been with this institution for a long time and remember the good ole days. Unfortunately, those days are gone, and I don't think they can get them back. Their advertisements on TV continue to improve (i.e., get more numerous and visible to the public) while everything else seems to be going in the opposite direction. Very sad but it's the sign of the times.

Great article! Thank you! We are about to battle it out with USAA as well. There were 2 links to related articles by same journalist, very enlightening. It's just a shame.