After an easy process and a semingly good start, I am at my wits ends with USAA and any of the loan processes(Auto and home).  I can say this is the third loan that USAA will not be able to help me with.  3 LOANS!!!!  I have stellar credit, I have my cash in line and even a place pick out!  The hard work is done for everyone. For USAA to offer a property on the Home Circle then say we do not support that home under any of our loans rediculous! I understand the home postings are fairly general to whats available but to find out what you want can't be had by your bank is such a huge disaapointment.  To be specific a manufactured home is not covered under the interest of USAA's investors.  Anyway instead of looking for other properties this afternoon I will be shopping for a new bank, auto insurance agency, and a new home loan lender.  Evidently nothing can be done by USAA.  


I had a similiar experience with a home loan with USAA.  I kept getting great status for 10 days until all of the sudden the loan was denied because it was a condo in a ski resort. Tthe loan rep had no concern that their lengthy (dis)approval process almost cost me the deal.  I went to my credit union and was approved nearly instantly.  Never again will I look to USAA for a loan.

Yep. Same experience here too. I've bought three houses over the past 15 years and each time (EVERY TIME) I've called USAA first. My story is the same as the other posts - USAA could not find a way to close the deal. For my most recent purchase in 2009 I called simply for the confirmation USAA was still unable to get it done - ouch.


I've had the same experience with auto buying and auto insurance as well. I call and say something like, "I've been with USAA for 27 years. I have spectacular credit and income. I've got a quote from your competitor IN MY HAND and am offering you an opportunity to beat it." I've had that conversation with USAA, and they've failed, so many times it's actually funny. 


In the 80's I did so much business with USAA that I would have bought groceries from them if the service was offered. Now I maintain a handful of stocks and a small savings account on the hope the real USAA will come back. 

Same here I ended up going through the first time homebuyers program here in Florida and getting an FHA loan through Regions who ended up having a cheaper interest rate than the VA loan!