CPT Young

Their front page car buying service page advertises 3.29% on used vehicles for qualified buyers. Not many people would be as qualifed as I am. I make well over 100K a year and only owe for my house. I've paid off two auto loans with these yahoos, one just a few months ago which I paid off 3 years early. I've been a member over 20 years with credit cards and insurance. I guess they don't care about long term customers as long as they can get an extra 1.5% out of you on a loan. Pathetic! 


@CPT Young, I understand this is important to you. I'm sorry to hear you feel this way. I will have your concerns escalated to the appropriate area for review. ~ Samantha

Hello there, I also was rather irritated and frustrated myself after reading how things like this seem to happen continually. Especially because it seems that a customers loyalty and business over years never matters much if at all. These things must absolutely change and that's one of the biggest problems when it comes to how businesses treat costumers, in particular Banks and lending institutions. True, one can go to another lender if they are offered a better rate but that's not the point. I really hope that people speak up more and more and that those like yourself that are in the position to take these complaints to the respective company's department responsible for dealing with these issues to change things for the better. Think how much major improvement would occur, if costumers concerns where addressed in a true and complete way! 

I agree with you there and boy have I done a lot of complaining on here, but money talks and sometimes unfortunately the only way you can do speaking that is heard is to have your money go elsewhere.

I understand your frustration, but a bank is not going to be the lowest or best in everything, albeit that USAA has work to do, no doubt about that, but if you can get a better rate elsewhere, then do it. No use coming on here and blasting them because they don't give you the rate you think necessary. I too can get a better auto rate at my local credit union, but my local credit union couldn't come close to giving me an adequate refinance deal for my mortgage, as USAA did. My local credit union wanted to charge me over 6k in closing costs and USAA was a much better deal. Again, based on a variety of factors and decisions by the bank, they are not going to be the best, so do your homework and go with who will give you the best rate that will help you sleep at night.