USAA / Corelogic failed to pay property taxes

Yes, USAA and their third party taxpayer Corelogic failed to pay my taxes this Fall.  USAA wired the money from my escrow account to Corelogic, THEIR/USAA hired taxpaying company and they DID NOT pay my taxes.  I was selling the home recently and was notified by the title company that my taxes were delinquent due to NON-Payment.  In order to sell the house I was forced to pay the taxes out of pocket.  I checked with the Township Treasurer and she checked all Township accounts and her Corelogic account and NO PAYMENT was made by USAA's third party Tax Paying Company.  I contacted USAA MANY times in the past month and half and NO ONE has given me a straight answer NOR ever called me back when promised. I have notified USAA of Corelogic potentially stealing my escrow tax payment money.  NO ONE cares.  Where is my money USAA??? How come no one has ever called me about it????  I have asked several times to talk to a manager, there has never been one available to speak to.  I was told they would call me back and have not.  I have been a member for around 20 years and USAA should be ashamed of themselves.  Terrible and abusive company.  Worst Customer Service and Performance I have EVER experienced, from buying a popsicle to an automobile.  I have never been treated as terrible by any company in my life! Where is my money you OWE me USAA?  Are you going to pay me interest or a late fee? 


Huge mistake involving this version of USAA in your finances.