USAA Connected Home Problems

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As I've had the Honeywell leak detectors, obtained through USAA, for some time, I wanted to take advantage of the new homeowners insurance discount related to the Connected Home Device program, which involves data sharing with USAA and Resideo. After I completed the enrollment process, I recently got a letter from USAA that my data was not being received. I called USAA and the representative had no clue. I went to the link associated with my insurance and went through the process again (multiple times)--each time I get a technical problem error ("try again later"). I also called Resideo--after an hour-long call, I was told that they are seeing my data. My iPhone app shows that I am enrolled in the program. How best to get a straight answer on this, especially since prior calls to USAA have not been helpful.

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Hello. I'm very sorry to hear about your challenges you've run into. Thank you for you detailed feedback. I will pass it forward to the appropriate department who will get back in touch with you soon to get this matter resolved.

I've not heard back from anyone related to this and received another letter from USAA today indicating that there is still "no data received from your connected home device. The letter also indicated that my enrollment would be cancelled today if the problem was not rectified. I guess that I'm out of luck.

Hello @Pocono78, I appreciate your follow-up post and can confirm your concerns have been provided to the appropriate area. Once research is complete, they will be reaching out to you. Please know we take your concerns seriously and I'm sharing your most recent comments as well. -Paula 

The slaps keep coming. Stand-by. This is customer service?