USAA Connected Home - Enrolled but can't purchase devices

I am having trouble finding information about where/how I can purchase and register the devices that qualify me for the Connected Home discount.  The USAA Connected Home system says that I was enrolled on 4/7/23.  I read that I have to have at least two home leak detectors installed, but I see no way to purchase them or once purchased how does USAA know I have them installed?  I see kits offered here:  but there is no way to actually purchase them.  Please have someone from the Connected Home program at USAA reach out to me.  My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx, Wayne P.


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I didn't know this program existed until I saw this post.  Went ahead and enrolled my property, only to find I have to buy USAA-specific devices for data collection.  I'll have to spend $200 to save $150/year on my policy, so my payback period is at least 15 months (assuming no premium increases during that time, ha ha).  No thanks.


I already have several leak detectors and cameras in my home tied to the alarm system that USAA knows about.  This program would be significantly improved if there were an option to interface with existing alarm and monitoring services.

@ThePruMan, thanks for reaching out. You can shop for these devices by following these steps after you login to your account:

  • Visit the Homeowner Account Summary page
  • Under “Premium & Discounts,” find “Connected Home Discount” section and click “Review/Update Enrollment”
  • Here you can view the property address, discount history, online devices, cancel enrollment, shop devices and share data.

Hope this help! -Cynthia