I'm wondering if other members are getting USAA calls (confirmed) in which they want/try to collect various kinds of personal information. First, they talked with me and as a long time member I finally (reluctantly) provided the info (as the sponsor member). Within the past two weeks or so they've reverted to "needing" similar information from my wife (who didn't know she had an account and does no business with them). Now I'm told that IF I/we don't provide the information they will "restrict" all of my accounts AND after the first of the year if I haven't provided the information... a threat to curtail/close banking & insurance. Sounds like they're making me an offer I can't refuse (and this isn't a movie or "case officer" statement). One representative I spoke with allowed "the association is growing, things are changing" and I said, "I've noticed that over the past 3-5 years there are not so subtle changes." Here am I, 75 years old, relied on an firm for 50 years (as did my father) and now this. WHO or WHAT gets all this private information ? One of the representatives mentioned a federal law as the basis (HS feeding to...) Oh, and if you ask to speak to someone in management - Good Luck !!! Be prepared for indefinite time on hold (put the phone on the desk and let it sit for about 35 mins. and no response. I got the message.


Senior45 - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason