I went with USAA because of their va program for veterans.

I was told that closing cost would be 3 percent of closing cost but when every thing was done, closing cost was 3000 more. My loan processor tried to say it was my insurance cost.


Watch out for USAA charging more fees, like the interest rate being 3.7 but when they finish it was 4.0 percent that 2.7 point more added on the loan. The loan did'nt go through and I was happy. I found a first rate broker who found me a loan at 3.7 percent and the closing cost only 3.5 percent of the loan.


USAA is a second rate loan services and even their home and car insurance was too high.


Hi AflaMale,

I would like to get a specialist to look into what happened with your closing cost estimate. I have sent your comment over to the bank for further review. Thanks again for your posts in the community.