USAA Banking is GREAT... Think AGAIN before Using as a Mortgage Company

After 20years with another Bank, I moved all my primary assets over to USAA and I have not been disappointed until today.  I always highly encourage all of my junior officers and enlisted soldiers to bank with USAA and make them show me a financial plan of some sort before I sign them out.  Being such an advocate for USAA and outspoken user, I thought to use thier mortgage department to purchase our new home in Hawaii.  They linked us up with a highly motivated realtor who went above and beyond his job at times; sometimes writing up offers at 3am to have it ready for me to look at when I woke up for PT the next day. 


It was all smooth sailing but my offers, even over asking were not accepted... with my wife 8months pregnant, I am about as motivated as they come to close on a house.  After being on island for awhile and meetiney g several locals and other realtors at showings I started to notice a trend amongst them...  No one on the isalnd is very happy when working with USAA as a lender.  They said that often they would lapse on the closing schedule because USAA drug thier feet or a potential buyer wasn't given an accurate GFE or one that was not told to them over the phone...  (I just read several reviews of this on this forum)


Fast forward to today and I understand now...  My last house I purchased while deployed in afghanistan in between patrols and giving briefs.  With all that was going on and even my location I never had any issues communicating with my lender (another bank).  Everything was as black and white as it comes and I knew up front what I was going into.


While I am located in another time zone , but still America mind you, I have had the hardest time trying to get anyone to answer any of my questions.  Anyone?  I am actually having to call my old old loan officer to have him answer simple questions on the verbage of the contract.  One of the biggest attributes I have is knowing when to "sense danger"  I have never felt more like a potentional casualty than I feel right now.  Shoot me in the arm or leg I can heal... but robbing me under the guise of a USAA mask is just plain unethical.  I just needed some clarity and to close on my house before my wife gives birth to a homeless child...  I feel like the lending agent I worked with is using my earnesty to take advantage of me.  Is this how you treat Veterans???