Mr. Peacock,

My parents, my family, and my son's family are all USAA members. Probably 60 years or so. In April, 2020 I tried to set up home owners insurance for a house I was about to purchase. I disclosed that a foundation stabilization job was underway and was told USAA will not insure the property until complete. I was sent to two other companies that supposedly would cover the house. No joy.  I have 2 structural engineers involved, a company with over 30 years of experience performing the work, who is insured by the way, permits, and an inprocess inspection to be performed by the engineer who performed the initial evaluation.


So after paying thousands of dollars into USAA over the years, you have left me out in the cold.

And, foundations are not covered anyway unless you have earthquake insurance. Movement is movment, right?

This is totally unacceptable.

So what the heck?


All I wanted is coverage on the house incase it was hit by lightning, someone twists an ankle or some other mishap occurs.

So as usual, the big corporate pin heads are missing a opportunity to expand your service and take care of your customers.

This is really bad. 

Penny wise and pound foolish in my estimation.

I've seen this lack of vision before at my previous company, not very bright sir.

And, I'd bet a $1000 nothing will come of this. It will cost too much money for meetings, analysis, implementation and what ever else the bean counters think it will cost.

Total unsatisfactory.

Bruce Kuller

USN Ret.



@out In The Cloud, Bruce. I'm very sorry to hear about your experience and frustration. It's never our intent to make our members this way. We do appreciate you and your family giving us 60 years of membership and I'd like to help. I will be forwarding your all your concerns and feedback to our experts for review.