3 weeks ago I see the rates had dropped significantly from two years ago when we bought a home with a USAA mortgage.  It was a Saturday so I filled out the online request.  On Monday I decided to get the ball rolling and called in to the mortgage center.  I was told, despite my complete confusion, that USAA was not doing any new refinances because of a system upgrade.  Call back in a month or two.  I pointed out the rather suspicious timing of low rates and not being able to refinance my USAA loan.  Still, no joy.  Thursday I get a call following up on my online form wanting to get my refinance going.  I explained what happened Monday and that between Monday and Thursday I had secured outside funding at a crazy good rate and expense.  


This is not uncommon, I find that I get different answers to the same question depending on who i speak with.  Similar situation when I tried to use USAA for an auto loan.


Dear tidely_winks7,

I am so sorry you were not able to access our refinancing services on Saturday, I made in inquiry as to why this happened and received this response:


USAA is committed to providing exceptional service. Due to low interest rates, we are receiving a high volume of home loan applications. To ensure we are able to process applications in a timely manner, we are suspending new home equity loan applications. We apologize for this inconvenience.


I would like to again apologize for the communication gap and that we could not handle your refinance.