My wife and I are looking to buy a home. Is USAA the best route to go?


I would say they are an option but I would shop around for the best rate.
Usaa is great!
DO NOT GO THRU USAA. They do not care about their members or veterans, contractual obligations, nor do they actually help you through the process. I am only sorry I started the home purchase process through usaa and now too far along that we will lose money if we change companies. After 33 years, I am greatly disappointed in USAA.


We are sad to hear we have let you down and we want to make things right. Your 33 years of membership is extremely important to us and we would like to better understand what's been going on with your mortgage. If there is something specific that we can help you with, please contact us here: Thank you for your time.

Mr. McClarin, I highly recommend using USAA Mover's Advantage Program even if the state you are looking in doesn't participate in the cash giveaway (like Louisiana). At this time I DO NOT recommend getting your mortgage through them. As you can tell from this website, the USAA Mortgage Company is not consistent with the rest of the services provided by USAA. For some reason the exceptional customer service and communication is not present with the mortgage company. Please read on this site alone all the negative feedback. I wrote a 4 Part-Series on purhcasing a house using USAA and, in it, I explain my rationale for choosing not to use their Mortgage Company. Please check it out: Let me know if it helps.
No. Look somewhere else! You can get better rates and better service. Going thru the loan process with these people are horrible. I have closing in 24hours and you think I could get in contact with these folks? NO. They don't care and a phone call means nothing to them. I called and emailed them for 17days before someone picked up them phone to call me.... Horrible experience

Sonni Skye's,

We can certainly understand your frustration, especially when expecting to receive a callback. We apologize that our representative has not followed up thus far. We do value your membership and want to ensure you receive the callback with the information you requested. If you can please email us at, include your member number, situation and a good number to contact you. Please make the subject: urgent mortgage specialist request. Thank you.