Tremendously Disappointed in VA Streamline Process

I have been tremendously disappointed in the VA streamline process. 


I initially began this process at the end of October, and still have yet to close, and I have been trying to reach my processor since Wednesday of last week with zero luck.  His voice mail is not even set up properly, and when I dial 0 to reach an operator, they tell me it is not even a USAA office I have reached.  To further complicate matters, there is no manager availabe with which to speak.


Here is a brief timeline of events:


*October 7th: I begin the application process.

*October 22nd: After hearing nothing from USAA for over two weeks, I call USAA and am transferred to my processor, Mallory Thompson.  I send her my insurance information by email.  At this time, she anticipates closing by Thanksgiving.

*November 4th: After hearing nothing further from Mallory, I try to call her to get a status update.  I can't leave a voice mail because it asks me to enter a mail box number.  I then call USAA's standard number, who reaches out to Mallory by email.

*November 5th: Mallory emails me her contact information.

*November 10th: I call Mallory, who confirms she has everything she needs from me.

*November 23rd: I attempt to call Mallory twice for a follow up and am unable to reach her.  The same problem occurs with the voice mail asking me to enter a mail box number.

*November 24th: I receive an email from Mallory informing me my processor has changed to Deshon Moore.

*November 24th: I attempt Deshon twice, and am unable to reach him, with the same voice mail problem.  I enter 0 to speak to an operator, and she assures me she will inform management of the problem, but they were unable to speak to me due to being in a meeting.  Management never calls me back.

*November 25th: Deshon calls me.  He informs me that nothing in my file had been requested, to include the insurance information (that I had given over a month earlier) and title request.  We were essentially starting from scratch.

*November 30th: I call Deshon.  He informs me that the title request was not fulfilled.  I call the title company, and they had not received anything from USAA.  After multiple calls to both, we get the title information done over a 24 hour period.  Deshon tells me we will likely need an extension for the rate lock, but that we should still be closing by December 16th.

*December 2nd: Deshon calls me and tells me there is a problem with the title request.  I call the title company and we get that addressed.

*December 3rd: Deshon needs additional information for the closing department to clear my file.  I provide that information.

*December 8th: Deshon calls me and tells me we need one additional thing to clear QC.  I provide it.  He also tells me that we can close December 22nd or 23rd, and it is my choice.  I choose December 23rd.

*December 16th: I receive an email we are pending final QC.  I email Deshon about FedEx packages received from USAA.  I receive no response. 

*December 17th: I attempt to call Deshon.  I can't leave a message due to the "enter mail box number".  

*December 18th: I attempt to call Deshon.  I can't leave a message due to the "enter mail box number".  

*December 21st: I attempt to call Deshon.  I can't leave a message due to the "enter mail box number".  I dial 0, and the operator tells me that it is not even a USAA office I have reached.  I redial it to insure I have not made a mistake, and the operator repeats the same thing, and is completely rude about it.  I then call USAA main number, and voice prompt to "mortgage" for "in process mortgage".  The system tells me "our offices are currently closed" (this was at 8:17 AM).  I then call back and reach a representative, who transfers me to mortgage services, and they are open.  The individual I speak with tells me that Deshon is no longer the person responsible for my application, which is news to me.  I ask to speak to a manager.  He tries to reach a manager, but they are unavailable.  I then inform him that I want a phone call by noon or I am withdrawing the application.  He sounds disinterested and says he will let them knowcA(I get it, it is Monday during Christmas week, but still...).


I have also spoken to the title company.  Not only have they not received what is necessary to close, they will not even be open on December 23rd to be able to close.


This entire process has been a comedy of errors, and Deshon (who I cannot seem to reach, and is evidently no longer responsible for my application) seems to be the only one who has shown any semblance of trying to get this complete.  The last word I received was that I am supposed to close on Wednesday this week.  I cannot reach someone to confirm is this is supposed to happen. 


At this point, I am really curious to see if there is anyone in customer service interested in actually helping.




-Frustrated in Tennessee






Thank you for reaching out in Community. I have passed this along to a bank team member and they will be reaching out to you to further assist. Thank you, Happy Holidays.

I had a similar issue last year. Thru Community Forum i got results.

I'm in the same boat frustrated in Florida!

Retired Intel Vet,


I have passed this along to our mortgage team, thank you.