I had a tree branch fall on a car in my driveway.  Damage probably no more than $400.  Is it worth filing a claim for this?


In addition, there are additional dead branches that could possibly come down.  Estimate from Tree Contractor is $375 to remove all dead branches.


Does USAA reimburse for pre-emptive precautions?  I have a standard Mortgage Insurance Policy.


Regards, MH


If your deductible is $500 or more it makes no sense to file a claim.

It is a very good idea to cut down the remaining branches and, if it is a big tree, to put cables in it to stabilize the branches but I don't think those types of preemptive things are covered.

I'm not trying to make you spend more money than you need to, but doing a walk around the property and looking to see what trees need to be trimmed back (protecting wires, keeping trees at least 10 feet away from the roof to prevent squirrels from getting in, avoiding home damage), are all great things to do. If any of the trees are on the sidewalk the town you are in may pay for it or come out and do it themselves but that's probably a longshot.

We had a 200-year-old tree (in the adjacent yard) fall on the house where I live. Six months earlier the tree has been trimmed back and cables put in. Had that not happened someone would've died. It is a pretty extreme example (and the scariest thing I've ever been through, being in the house at the time), but thankfully the owner did the right thing.

Hope this helps.



Glad to hear that you are okay!


I have sent your questions over to our claims department. I will post here once I hear back. Thank you for your comment in community.

Thanks for checking!

Thank you taspole for your helpful comment.



To better understand what’s covered in your homeowner policy, you can refer to your policy as well as call in to speak with a representative to see what they think is best (because they can be looking at your individual plan). Thank you!

there is a tree on the boundary line of ours and an adjacent property owner, in the state of Louisiana it states the tree is owned by the both of us, we want to use the lot next door to cut the tree down because it's empty and does not have any buildings on it and because it's a high-risk tree and has a danger of falling on our house and causing damage to it and persons.  We have requested the use of the adjacent lot because it is dangerous for us to remove it otherwise.  The owner of the adjacent lot refuses to let us fell the tree on her lot even with us paying for the tree to be cut.  We are notifying her of La. Civil Code law that states if she is made aware of a dangerous situation that poses a risk of loss and did not do anything she is responsible for all damages incurred to a property or persons.  What is USAA's policy in regards to this situation?



Thanks for sharing your question in Member Community.  I will have a claims specialist look into your question further.  They will be in contact with you.

My son who also has usaa has a neighbors tree hanging over his yard. One branch that is dead is resting on his roof. Would this be a claim to have it removed? His neighbor also has issues with this neighbors tree and they have knocked on their door to only be told "it is their job to maintain tree". They had a branch literally knock bricks off their chimney. My question is, if branches are cut of a "nuisance, unmaintained, health and safety issue" tree and it dies, now what? Usually these trees are volunteer trees that grow up on the property line or they are planted too close to the fence for only the enjoyment of the homeowner.  

@oakleaf, The best thing to do would be to contact the property claims department and speak to an adjuster. They can review your policy with you and determine if there is any applicable coverage. Thank you.