Dear Briana Hartzell,

I have read 30+ posts just under the "Buying a Home" section of this Member Community forum and 99% of them are severely negative in describing their USAA Mortgage Department experience. I am in the same boat as nearly all of these patrons submitting the posts, and that 'boat' is such that I have all of my money invested/saved/etc. with USAA and have always raved about the customer service and benefits in general. I am looking to buy my first home and would like to get my mortgage and home insurance also through USAA for multiple reasons, the biggest of which are that I want to be loyal to USAA as the company has thus far been loyal to me and USAA still remains competitve with rates/offers in the market. I've seen countless replies submitted to these posts by you offering apologies and the one below is one of the most conclusive and summarizes all of the others rather well.


"Dear Ozbaltaci,

I have responded to your others posts; but would like to reiterate that we apologize for any inconsistencies in communication, and would really appreciate the chance to review what has happened and make things right. I can assure you we take the feedback given in this community very seriously and it is appropriately escalated so there are lessons learned and actions taken so these mistakes do not happen in the future. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. We truly look forward to hearing from you so we can improve our services going forward. Thank you."


 I am shopping around still, but I want to know what you personally are doing to ensure that I and any other member wanting to have USAA provide a home mortgage have the best experiece possible and that we are afforded the proper customer service that any company should provide its customers, and more specifically the level of service USAA naturally assimilates itself with and boasts upon while advertising its service options to its patrons.  I am supremely confident in my credit and general financial status that I will have no problem getting a loan approved and I want to be guaranteed prior to me investing my time and money into USAA's mortgage department that I will be given the same level of customer service and honesty as I've experienced thus far from the insurance and banking sides of USAA.


Thank you for your time.


Dear 2008 Mbr,

Thank you for taking the time to post and ask a very important question. What am I doing personally to ensure that members (specifically ones who post in this forum) receive the service and product they expect and deserve from USAA? 


Each day, I read through the inputs in the forum. I first try respond to each one, flagging members that have issues and make a comprehensive list of problems described. I then reach out to management teams in the different subject areas (in my case they are generally mortgage questions and issues). There is an expert at USAA who I pass the concerns and member comments on to. Then, I follow up with the member in the forum if I cannot answer or address there issue and request they send us a message or call (your community nickname is not tied in anyway to your USAA member number in order to make sure  your data is always secure). When the contact information is received a resolution team gets to work immediately to seat addressing the issue. 


I hope this explains a little bit about the moderation process. Like I mentioned in the comment you posted above (from another one of my responses), the feedback received in this forum (while sometimes negative like you observed) helps USAA grow and improve as a company. As a member (and employee) I am grateful that they are always striving to be better and can assure you no comment on this forum goes unnoticed. 


Your loyalty to USAA and consideration to use our mortgage services means a lot to us. We do not want to let you down. If you can send us a message here with the best way to contact you, we can have a specialist walk you through the exact steps we need to take to ensure you have the best mortgage experience with us. We look forward to hearing form you and serving you further. Thank you again for commenting.