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Shipping the "big stuff" takes a lot of time and effort. International relocation, especially, involves forethought, strategy and decision making. Here are a few tips about moving your vehicles and important electronics.  



  • Some countries post enormous taxes on receiving large items. Evaluate these expenses in line with your moving budget. Don't forget to factor in compliance issues like obtaining appropriate drivers' licensing and passing emissions in your destination country, for example.
  • If you decide you really need your car, your boat, your snowmobile and your motorcylcle collection, then you'll need to call some experts. Get quotes from various companies that specialize in international shipping. Start your research immediately, as soon as you know you're moving.
  • All companies are not created equal. You have to consider the safety of your valuable "big stuff." Thankfully, there's new technology for both overland (trucks) and overseas (ocean containers) that virtually eliminate the possiblity of damage. CFR Rinkens is one such company that moves vehicles and goods internationally in ocean containers entirely free of wood or nails. 


  • Determine which of your devices you’ll be shipping or flying with. If flying, will they be in your carry-on or in checked luggage? Be aware that airline security uses potentially harmful X-Rays. Contact the manufacturer of your goods if you're unsure. 
  • Disassembly of your electronics may be required. For computers, make sure to place everything with a circuit-board in anti-static bags. Putting electronics back together might be tricky when you get settled but you can utilize online support for that.
  • Back up everything on external hard drives. Write down all your passwords somewhere else, safe. 
  • Expect to purchase new plug-ins to match correctly the voltages for your devices. Also, before you plug in at your new place, contact the companies of previously purchased software to make sure that using your account elsewhere in the world doesn’t raise some red flag of fraudulence. 




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