USAA, I'll be calling today, but I wanted to see if anyone here has looked into financing a tiny home? I'm looking to buy one so my parents & in-laws, as well as other friends & family, have a place to stay when they visit us.


I love tiny houses!

That being said, traditional financing is likely to be problematic for you. They will find issues with code compliance that will turn your financing endeavor into a nightmare.
Resale value is not very high, risks to the bank are greater, and there are a lot of other pitfalls.

If you want a bank to provide a loan for a tiny house, you need to grill them to see if they understand the nature of and special features of a tiny house.
If they can't tell you this in detail before you apply, prepare to jump through a myriad of hoops during your application process (which are more suitable for traditional homes) that still won't be acceptable and you'll ultimately be denied the loan or pay through the nose. Also buying one already on wheels isn't necessarily easier.

Get recommendations from your builder if you have one (maybe they finance) or other TH owners locally who have financed.
Because of the low cost of these homes many people save up to pay in full or borrow from family or pay for a kit and build it themselves. Standard loans aren't always part of the mix.
Local lending, if available, is probably better.



Thank you for posting in the Community. At this time, USAA does not offer financing specifically for tiny homes. However, we may offer other options to assist you. Please contact a banking specialist at 1-800-531-8722.




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